" Learning is not attained by chances, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence" - Abilgai Adams  

The school plays a significant role in pioneering of children's life.The real challenge is not in imparting the academic education rather to keep them updated with the happenings around them and to amke them capable in making decisions. And when I see my students becoming a confident individual and excelling in different spheres apart from academics my pleasure and pride crosses every limit. In the present context of time it is very importatnt for our students to become a better decision maker so that they can make a better society to live in.

Education plays a vital role in the character building and our institution follows the prime ethics of grooming responsible citizens. As the principal I am willing to open door for my students so that they can click every opportunity available around them. Keeping this mind the school's infrastructure is also growing to accomodate every need and requirement of the students of SPS. 

Yours in Education


Springville Public School  

Ms.Sangeeta Panwar